Donation Totals:  10/19/2019

54,280 lbs

45,010 meals

27,057 SIDES

29,506 LBS CO2 reduced

23,944 essential Goods


Our Mission

We meet with restaurants, grocery markets, hospitals, caterers, hotels, & businesses to forge a partnership in picking up their surplus food & essential goods.

We deliver these donated goods Directly to our charitable outreach partners. 

You should have seen their faces when I brought the food in. PRICELESS!
— Nita Dean, Love Never Fails
You are the absolute best and I appreciate your help and support so much! We couldn’t have done it without you and I am so grateful to you! The kids are going to be so excited to see that their project will have such an impact!
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
— Laura Nielsen, 1st Grade Teacher Hillbrook School
NTTW is a professional and well-organized organization. I am proud of the contribution that Kaiser Permanente and NTTW is making in our community.
— Duarte Medeiros, Kaiser Permanente, San Jose
No Time To Waste team is always professional and courteous. They have made a tremendous impact in helping provide good healthy meals to our clients.
— Elizabeth Griswald, HomeFirst
Our pop-up store on Saturday was a hit. We gave away most of all of the rain ponchos. There was an elderly woman and her daughter that were very small and they were able to take the full rain gear suits which was awesome. We also gave away most of the sporks and the multi tools. We gave about 30 tarp tents. We gave away most of the raingear. The rain shower went to a gentleman who refuses to leave his property in Paradise and he is sleeping in a tent. The hammock went to one of our helpers who got a spot on the river in his trailer so he can throw his tarp up and the hammock when the weather gets a little nicer. Everybody was grateful for all the winter gear. It was raining, so it was easy to give it away.
— Kathleen Kettering, Fire Angels Network, Paradise fire support group